Computer repairs services including failed hardware components, driver incompatibilities, Spyware, malware & Virus Removal, motherboard repairs, operating system upgrades Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, format, Graphics card repair, Power supply repairs, Upgrade and Install Desktop Memory (RAM), Replace a Hard Drive, Wired & Wireless Networks problems..

Upgrading a computer reduces the amount of electronic waste sent to landfills.

Computer Repair Limassol
computer and laptop repair


We provides you a complete laptop repair service that offers competitive rates for any brand of laptop repairs.

Common Laptop Repair Faults :

  • Power Jack and Motherboard Repair
  • LCD – LED Screen, Backlight, Invertor and Hinge Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement, Viruses, Spyware, Trojan, Worm and Adware Identification and Removal
  • Windows Operating System Reinstallation
  • Laptop, Keyboard and Tounchpad Replacement
  • Memory Replacement and Upgrades
  • Charger change
  • Upgrade your Laptop

Whether it is for general repairs, cleaning or installing upgrades. We quote before we repair and 1-2 days service is available at your request.



Wifi Solutions, Network security, PC and gateway antivirus, firewall configuration and maintenance

We configure your router to optimize your connection speed and protect your computer from third-party attacks (wireless network shielding, etc.)

We detect and fix any problem your computer has and can not connect to the internet.

In the event that the problem is due to the provider, we take the communication with him to resolve it..

IT Support Limassol